When is corn ? When is a poultry Not a poultry? What’s a egg?We’ve been attempting to generate meals. Farms altered food when they stored seeds of plants that were cream-of-the-crop to increase the season.

We chose the best creatures of this mess to strain”new-and-improved” creatures. We grafted some other tree and the branch of a single tree together to receive a orange. What we do is we change the code of animal or this plant.

Now we change That the DNA of seeds using chemicals or radiation, and choose which leading plants.

We could get larger cows, eggs cows with creatures or milk that grow quicker, with wings. We could do it but is it safe to consume?

Fruit and vegetable variety.

In The US about 80 percent of our foods contain GMOs.

More than 60 countries need food manufactures to tag that the meals is a GMO.

The US does not require that sort of labelling.

It might take years of research to prove GMOs are benign in humans. Animal studies indicate health dangers like infertility, insulin regulation and immune issues. The FDA’s is responsible to be certain all food is safe to consume.

The FDA Issued advice to assist developers meet the high standards of the Codex Alimentarius and U.S. food security regulations.

The National Environmental Policy Act requires the FDA to think about GMO animals’ consequences .

Programmers need to boost the salmon in facilities in Panama and Canada to reduce the risks. The tanks can’t connect to any body of water. The GMO salmon are also sterile.

Processed foods contain the highest proportion of GMO ingredients. GMOs may affect some of our unprocessed foods.

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